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Federal Minister and Head of NCOC Asad Umar Tested COVID-19 Positive

Federal Minister of Planning and head of NCOC (National Command and Operation Center) Asad Umar tested COVID-19 Positive. More for You: Major Reshuffles in Federal Cabinet of Pakistan Sheikh Rasheed Ministry Changed He confirms on twitter that he tested positive and after which he quarantined himself at home. Just got my covid test result and […]

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Judge Arshad Malik Died with Corona

Judge Arshad Malik died with corona, confirmed by his family. Former accountability court judge Arshad malik die with corona. He was convicted former prime minister nawaz sharif in panama scandal. Family sources said that, he was on ventilator from last week and died in private hospital of Rawalpindi. His funeral prayer will be held at […]

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Bollywood Actor Sunny Deol Tested COVID-19 Positive

Sunny Deol Tested COVID-19 Positive. He twitted today and shared the news that he tested COVID-19 positive. He says that, he is fine but all the people who met him is last days they should quarantine themselves. मैंने कोरोना टेस्ट करवाया और रिपोर्ट पॉजिटिव आई है। मैं एकांतवास में हूं और मेरी तबीयत ठीक है। […]


Good Guide For Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition refer to the study of the different nutritional values that are found in foods. Nutrient assessment is part of Food and Nutrition. Nutritionists are trained in the field and the various ways in which they can help you get the best diet for your body. Food and Nutrition also involve the study […]


Benefits of Fitness and Exercise

Fitness and Exercise are a combination of mental and physical activity. Exercise is any physical activity that maintains or improves physical health and fitness. There are different types of activities to fit each person’s fitness needs. People with joint pain can engage in physical activity like running or playing sports. This way, the body and […]