Viral Videos will get Share from $1Million Daily Announced by Snapchat

Snapchat has announced that viral videos will get share from $1 Million daily. Spotlight is introduced for application which will ask users to watch most interesting and funny videos.

Snapchat announced that the users with viral videos can get the share from $1Million daily. This prize scheme will continue till the end of this year. This scheme can be continued in 2021 as well.

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This feature will work like TikTok, and users can create videos by using spotlight.

How to Get Share from $1 Million ?

The users needs to submit the videos under Snapchat policy. Users needs to be minimum 16 years of old or above. Share will be determined by the views of the videos. Snapchat will strictly monitor the rules and policies and copyrighted, sponsored and drugs related content will not allow. It will also ensure that all the videos are watched by real users.

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