PTI Foreign Funding Case Judgment will be Pronounced on Tuesday

PTI Foreign Funding case Judgment will be pronounced on Tuesday

Islamabad (Online Monitoring Desk) The Election Commission of Pakistan has announced that the decision on the prohibited funding case of Tehreek-e-Insaf will be pronounced on Tuesday. According to the Election Commission, the decision on the prohibited funding case will be pronounced on Tuesday at 10 am. Election Commission has issued a cause list for judgment in the Prohibited Funding case. The verdict in the PTI prohibited funding case was reserved for June 21. According to the cause list, the Chief Election Commissioner and two other members of the Election Commission will deliver the verdict.

In November 2014, PTI’s founder, Akbar S. Babar, filed this case in the Election Commission. filed petitions to be or outside the jurisdiction of the Election Commission, but the judgment of the case was reserved on 21 June 2022. PTI changed 9 lawyers for the funding case while the Election Commission investigated the PTI funding. A Scrutiny Committee was set up in March 2018 to investigate.

95 meetings of the Scrutiny Committee were held in which 24 times PTI sought adjournment while PTI filed 4 petitions against the presence of the petitioner in the Committee, the Scrutiny Committee issued orders 20 times that PTI should provide relevant documents. The Election Commission rejected the report submitted by the Scrutiny Committee in August 2020 stating that the report was incomplete and not detailed. The Scrutiny Committee submitted the final report to the Election Commission on January 4, 2022. 8 volumes obtained by State Bank related to PTI bank statement were kept confidential and 8 volumes will be handed over to Akbar S. Babar under the direction of the Election Commission.

PTI Foreign Funding case Judgment According to the report, PTI did not disclose the amount of Rs 31 crore in the documents given to the Election Commission, the Tehreek-e-Insaaf was given money in European countries and Middle East countries, except the USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Funding was received from other countries including the Netherlands and Finland.

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